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It’s time for your kids to experience golf at Minnippi!

Promoting golf among young people and nurturing their skill growth plays a pivotal role in the long-term future of golf. At Minnippi Golf & Range, we are dedicated to fostering the development of junior players under the age of 18 through our new Junior Coaching Courses. 

Our courses are designed to inspire and enable young people to play and practice without any limitations, encouraging maximum potential. 

It is estimated that it will take a full term (6 weeks) for the junior golfer to advance to the next level. A GOLF SKILLS TEST will be held regularly so that it will be possible for the junior golfer to advance to the next level. We understand that certain children may progress in their learning more quickly than other participants in each program. It is at the sole discretion of our Golf Professionals to assess each junior to see if they are ready to progress to the next level.  Alternately, private lessons and coaching at discounted junior pricing is available to each child to assist in advancing to the next level.

At the completion of each level, a presentation will be made to the junior that has completed it, at the end of the last playing lesson of the term. Parents/Guardians will be notified when their child has graduated to the next level, and as this is a key event, all parents/guardians are expected to attend where possible.


This level provides the perfect introduction to golf for children with little or no golf experience, aged from 6 years. The key to these lessons is for the child to learn the basics of golf and to have FUN doing it. Children will learn:

-Grip, stance, posture (basic fundamentals)

-Putting, chipping, pitching, and basic swing movements

-Golf Clubs and their various uses

-Golf etiquette and safety on the Driving Range and Course

-Skin protection, skills tests, fun games and giveaways

Junior coaching courses are conducted after school throughout the term, as well as Sunday mornings. All golf clubs and balls are supplied complimentary for those children who do not have equipment.  

Requirements to reach level 2 – STAR

-Basic understanding of putting with a score of 27 or better over 9 holes putting.

-Basic chipping with the ability to hit 1 out of 5 chip shots on the green near the hole.

-Basic pitching with the ability to hit 1 shots out of 5 over a bunker onto the green.

-Basic swing knowledge on the Driving Range.


6 Week Course starting dates:

Thursday 25th July at 4pm or Sunday 28th at 10am with Jamie Brew.